Q. What Should I Put on My Luggage Tag?

A.  Most folks have a personal info tag on their luggage. Then the airlines add another one and finally the cruise line provides a tag to get your bags from the terminal to your cabin. Let’s start with the personal tag.

    The personal tag was probably put on when you bought the luggage and hasn’t been updated since. Bad idea. You need to change the tag each time you travel. You should actually add multiple personal tags to your luggage. Put one on the handle and one on each of the major zipper pulls. Why? Anything hanging on the outside of your luggage can easily get torn off. The odds of all of them getting torn off is much lower.

    On your tags should be your name, a direct-to-you phone number (like your cell phone), your destination contact phone, and your email address. DO NOT put your home address or land-line phone. You’re traveling; anyone who reads your luggage tag knows you’re not going to be home. That includes the experienced thieves who linger in terminals for just that reason. Why exclude the land-line phone? It doesn’t take long to get your address in a reverse phone directory. Plus, what good would it do to call your home if you’re on the ship when your luggage is located?

    Airline tags are printed for you but make sure to check that your name and the destination are correct. Also, be sure to remove any old tags.

    The cruise tags should contain your name, ship and cabin number. Most lines have moved to online documents so you can print them yourself before leaving home. You can also get the old style tags at the terminal if you like, just be sure to put the necessary info on the tags before handing them over to the porters.

Q. How long does it take for my order to be processed? for

A. Orders are currently shipping within 72 hours after the order is received.  Check our shipping policy


Q. Can you send me a catalog?

A. Sorry, due the number of additions and changes to our product line our web site is our catalog.  Our site is updated regularly so the product you see on-line is more current than any printed catalog.


Q.  Do you have special pricing for large orders like 200 tags?  If the answer is yes, could they be a variety of designs?

A.  If you email us at myluggagetag@mts.net we can explain how we deal with large orders?


Q.  I notice you have ribbon tags; do you plan to add any more ribbons to this lineup?

A.  If you would like us to add your favorite ribbon to our lineup please e-mail us.


Q. Do you make custom luggage tags?  Can I send you an image to print on my luggage tags?

A.   We do make custom luggage tags?  If you would like custom tags please e-mail us or go to the custom luggage tag page.


Q.  Can you print my company logo on my luggage tags?

A.  We can put your company logo on the luggage tags with written permission from the company and we need a minimum order quantity of 100.  You would need to send us the logo by e-mail and then approve the tag before the order is filled.


Q.  Can you make a luggage tag with the logo of my favorite sports team?

A.  Most sports teams logo’s have a copyright, therefore we cannot do this.


Q. How big (what size) are the Luggage Tags?

A. Check our luggage tag sizes page.


Q. What are the Luggage Tags made out of?

A. We have metal luggage tags and plastic luggage tags. 

The metal luggage tags are virtually indestructible, even by the luggage handlers at airports around the world.  The designs are applied to the metal by a process called Dye Sublimation, which means that the image was applied with extreme heat making it extremely scratch resistant.  The plastic luggage tags are also very strong and the image is applied to the luggage tags with extreme heat.  This brings out the vibrant colors that are very unique in the luggage tag market.


Q. I like the look of your tags.  Do you have any other products that are made of the same materials?

A. Yes, we do.  Please contact us and we will be happy to send you more information.


Q. Do you have a warranty for this product?

A. We back each and every tag with a completely unconditional 1 YEAR WARRANTY against any manufacturing defects.


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